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26 Capital Alphabet Jumbo Resin Molds 6 inches Huge Alphabet Mold Resin, Large Letter Silicone Mold, A-Z Letter Resin Mold, DIY Epoxy

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26 Letters Each finished letter is 6 in tall and 1.4 in deep. The width varies for each letter.

All molds are made with high quality platinum cure silicone that is suitable for casting resin or concrete. Molds with this material are made to last. However, molds will degrade over time/uses. There are many factors that determine how fast a mold degrades. Several things to take into consideration:

- Heat wears molds out. Using a torch on molds will damage them. Please stay away from using heat on molds!

- Slow curing resins have greater effects on molds.

- Mold releases extend molds’ life.

- Pouring thicker than the resin’s recommended depth may damage molds due to heat from the exothermic reaction.

- Bubbles formed on the surface of a mold (especially 3D molds) can scrape the molds during the demolding process. Please make sure that there are no bubbles on mold’s surface.

- Overstretching molds might cause permanent damage to them.

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