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Black Women Nurse Tote Bag | Personalised Nurse Bag Nurses | African American Bag | Nursing Student Gift | Gift for Black Girls

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Black Nurse Magic Bags

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This White color bag with black nurse designed on it gives an amazing message that empowers black pride. It has a beautiful black nurse made on it in which she is wearing her nursing cap like a crown. It gives it a unique and premium look. It is perfect reflection of how important black nurses are. This bag will empower nurses and give the credit they deserve for sure. It is an absolute must have for work, after work, trips to the gym, market, etc. It says EVERYTHING it needs to.

Black Nurse Magic accessory case that is truly ALL PURPOSE. This gorgeous bag can be used for cosmetics, toiletries, hair accessories, wipes, school supplies, and much more. They are custom heavy duty, that are much more than a bag. It is your everyday companion and travel partner. The elegant and attractive design gives it a premium look which will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. People will definitely stare at this bag once.

This awesome all purpose case makes great for personal use, as well as gifts for anniversaries, bridesmaids, moms, friends and co-workers.
These totes are also frequently worn as shoulder handbags. They have the perfect size in which you can carry all the essentials that you want wherever you go while looking classy and elegant at the same time.

This unique tote is made from either 100% Polyester and features a custom-designed graphic that's sure to turn heads. With its Black straps, this cute little carry all is sturdy enough to carry anything that fits (from books to groceries).
Strong, long lasting woven fabric, machine washable and no color fading. It snaps closed and has an interior pocket for essentials. It's lightweight and extremely useful.

• Black Nurse Magic" Black Pride Tote Bag
• Great Gift for precious Nurses and Those Who Celebrate Black Pride
• 39.5*39.5 CM size
• Made of 100% polyester

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