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Shackled To My Pain: Silent Tears Paperback Book

Shackled To My Pain: Silent Tears Paperback Book

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Everyone has their secrets. But this one could destroy a person’s belief in humanity. Trevon was a disturbed child coming from a poor family. During his early years, Trevon showed signs that he may not be the perfect son nor a person with a compassionate heart. As a youth, he gravitated toward the street life and in some profound way he used that hustle to become a legit businessman. Despite being disowned by most of his siblings and mother for his behavior, he instilled love and understanding into his own children while camouflaging his silent tears. As he unleashes his fury, he becomes a demon in disguise. Shrewdness and fiendish he left no trace of evidence behind after handling his street business. It appears that he may never be caught for his vicious and deplorable crimes. He is trying to leave the past in the past, but the shackles of his pain are too heavy and embedded into his soul. He must decide to remain in the game without his brother or turn legit and never look back. Trevon knows to achieve success would not come without sacrifice. His inner soul is troubled, and he knows that. This could be frightening to some and comforting to others. His attempt to break loose from his past and start a new beginning is questionable to those who know him. Trevon has a plan, but will his shackles of pain remain too tight to break, or will he find himself captive to the silent tears that almost destroys him?

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